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SPEAKS louder than words…

…because of this, as a writer, I try not to just find myself on a soapbox talking about or writing about the things I am passionate about. I try to actually make a difference in the world around me with my actions and my service. I am not one to pat myself on the back for this line of thinking either because it’s all thanks to my parents that I have the heart of a servant and a passion for making a difference.



You see, I have a servant’s heart because I was raised by a father who devoted 27 years of his life and career to serve as a Fire Fighter & Paramedic and a mother that was raised in a large family, taught to serve other’s first and is a model example of putting other people’s needs high in your own priority list (not to a point of abuse or manipulation of course) so the fact that I have a servant’s heart should be of no surprise to anyone who knows my parents. Having a servant’s heart means that I am always trying to serve others, as my faith expects and my heart enjoys. Serving others in any capacity I can, utilizing my talents, passions and wide span of people I know. I am always raising $ for something, selling things for some fundraiser, organizing a new fundraiser or collecting donations in addition to clocking many of hours of time served and sometimes at the tradeoff of family time. Whenever possible though we get my kiddos involved!

Now I don’t include this to get some kind of recognition. I don’t really want any recognition at all because I do the things I do to help others and for no gain of my own except feeling good about a positive impact made. I do include this however as a “Preface” of sorts. Call it a General Announcement that if you are that kind of person you can be sure to check this page out frequently because I will use this page to highlight whatever mission or effort I am currently working on/towards in an effort to stir up excitement, support and or motivation for and from others.

***So with that all that said I am looking for my newest fundraiser or charitable cause to rally behind this spring!

Check back in January to see what we have coming up at the beginning of 2019 and to learn more about how to help with our future charitable projects!

*Contact me for arrangements to discuss your fundraising need by commenting on this blog page or messaging my Dazzling Domestic Dreamers Facebook Page HERE!! Follow my page while you are there so you don’t miss any fun contests or content!

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