Dazzling Fiction



Dazzling Fiction

I am working hard on bringing you my first published fiction novel and I hope for it to be available sometime at the end of 2019 for purchase. I will be looking into releasing some sneak peek content from the first chapter on the blog here by the end of this summer!!!

I am my own biggest Naysayer so this is a BIG goal for me to chase but this year I decided to start listening to my doubts and turning them into fuel instead of fear. I have wanted to publish a fiction novel since before I graduated from high school. A silly dream right? Through the years I kept letting my doubts and life get in my way. I finally realized life will always get in the way and doubts will always scream louder than hope if that’s what you choose.

Dare To Dream



In knowing that #Change is necessary for #Growth and for me that takes #Courage because I like to make a plan & have it pan out perfectly according to that plan, with no complications, but I also know that rarely happens. Especially since I am, like many women I presume, SUPER #NotoriousForPuttingTooMuchOnMyPlate 🙄
For me, the questions holding me back from having the #CourageToChange usually revolve mostly around how to prioritize my time because I show love by performing acts of service. If asked a favor, I rarely want to say no & often try to justify it even when it doesn’t make sense in my life at the moment. Being #MommaBear to my #4girls #Wifey to my loving husband & balancing many outside relationships with family & friends, means being asked lots of favors by my #DazzlingDaughters……and all the rest.
The older & wiser I get the easier it is for those 2 letters to roll off my lips though…..NO. No, I can’t help this time, no I don’t have the time that day, no I won’t be able to make it but I sure wish I could. No. No, I can’t, for once I need to focus my energy on me, my health & my future.
No. Those letters can sometimes bring such freedom when we are brave enough to use them. I am trying to have the courage to change more every day. Courage to chase my dreams & #PrioritizeMe so 
I stopped making excuses, stopped choosing not to believe in the gift God gave me to use and decided to stop getting in my own way when it comes to achieving this dream. God gave me stories and meanwhile, I keep them hidden while crying out for miracles to fix life’s problems, maybe if I listen to Him and use the stories He gave me I will find solutions to life’s problems………or at least a little more peace in the process! #NoExcusesNoMore #FindPeaceInTheProcess #DazzleWhereGodPutsYou #NaysayersFuelMeNow   #TheDazzlingDomesticDreamer

“Stop being afraid of what can go wrong and start getting excited about what can go right.”

– TobyMac #SpeakLife

When trying to find time for creative writing in life as a mother of 4 very active, busy girls I find it especially important to remember these sentiments from Toby Mac. For example, woken early one morning by my then, almost 3-year-old after falling asleep on my laptop, paragraphs shy of a new chapter beginning, writing into the late night hours the night before, I was forced to begin the day with already tired eyes. With just a very few days left before school was out for summer break, we had school awards & a class field trip walk to the park for my two, grade-school-aged girls, early exam release day for my high schooler and appointments & errands already on the calendar for family obligations. I had one personal goal for the day, to finish the chapter I crashed on the night before & get some traction in the next chapter. It wasn’t looking optimistic though.

Finally, I was past re-entering the beginning chapters full of character description and background information, I was now to where the story starts to build and I didn’t want to lose forward motion. Truth be told, when that happens, it can take days to get back into the same creative groove. I didn’t want to lose this recent inspiration buzz that had been flooding my brain that past week but the day was forecasting a schedule ripe with opportunities for that to go wrong. I put on a positive attitude, (not always easy for me 1st thing in the morning but I feel like my previous night’s progress had made that a little easier that day) and I got myself & kids ready to tackle the new week and out the door, we went.

The point in the early evening when I thought I may successfully sneak an hour or two away in my writing nook to succeed in my goal today was welcoming, and the time was afforded to me, but I wound up asleep again,😴 like a corpse, from just before dinner until my last child was making her way to bed at 10:30pm. 😕

HERE is where it went SO right. My incredible husband filled in seamlessly for my snooze fest to continue (honestly most days I don’t know how I snagged such a supportive man let alone continue convincing him to stay 😉). After roughly a 4+ hour nap, my kids had been fed, entertained and prepped for bed AND my house was NOT destroyed by messes. I awoke to a quiet, mostly tidy house with all my babies sleeping or close to it. I was able to reapproach my book where I left off and barrel through re-entering easily another 6 pages before retiring again for the night at a perfect resting place in the story. Praise be to Jesus and props to my hubby!

I thank the good Lord for his grace in this mothering thing, for handpicking my perfect partner for this life He gave me to do, for being faithful to nurture in me a creative release that I genuinely love but often push to the side, and for re-lighting that creative fire in me when He knows I have cast myself aside for too long.
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#TheDazzlingDomesticDreamer #ifHebeginsanewworkinyou#faithfultocompleteit
#TobyMac #SpeakLife


These days I am reminding myself of this verse more and more as I work through the steps to publish my 1st #DazzlingFiction Novel. Anymore, with 4 kids and a husband, I am so used to being on the go, running errands, being here, there and everywhere and never sitting down between tasks when I am home. Finding free time hasn’t been the only obstacle to following God’s will for this project. I have also had to continue to make the intentional choices to be still & actually work on the project.

This last season of my life, God has been impressing the value of me taking time to physically be still and sitting at my laptop working on this book, the plans He has for me in this season, WITHOUT GUILT. In the past, I often have felt guilty as a SAHM for not being physically moving & accomplishing tasks or chores most of my day, in this season I will choose to be Still… Have a #DazzlingSunday#CailinsStory #TheDazzlingDomesticDreamer #BeStillAndKnow #DazzleInFaith


My days have been filled with Dazzling Memories, around the day to day hustle and bustle of mothering these 4 Dazzling Daughters and living life with my perfect partner …….I have been writing but not as often of the blog variety. My recent blog updates have been thinner as a result of this new Dazzling Fiction project. I wrote a fiction novel about 10 years ago, printed a few copies for editing & revisions and promptly lost the only flash drive I had it backed up on a few months later as I packed my work office up to begin being a stay at home mom. Somewhere between giving birth to my 3rd daughter and juggling life as a stay at home mom to 3 kids with an active school-aged child among them, working on my book was lost for the next 5 years or so.

Don’t Give Up, Great Things Take Time

My fiction novel stayed in my brain, but on a far, distant back burner of my brain stove, on a very low simmer. As life’s demands continued and our 4th daughter was added to our family I began to think I might never prioritize my novels completion. The project as a whole was not once forgotten, but with full disclosure, I really didn’t have it in me to re-type the entire 297 pages again let alone edit & revise it as I went. My sweet husband who believes in my “brilliance” far more than I, however, gave me a deadline about a year ago to get it printed, bound & published by……

With that deadline circled in bright red on the calendar in my brain for the last year, I finally felt compelled by a heart whisper to pull it out and begin the finishing steps…. and I am thankful I could be still & heard it because it’s been a rewarding feeling these last few months, weeks and days as I have begun to truck through the first chapters and beyond again. Rewarding and also a lesson in God’s timing and listening for His still small voice in my heart. I may have been stalling some on this project, but as I reapproach these pages I am seeing the wisdom in the seasons I “strayed” from my book that in turn are aiding in the improvement of my 1st fiction story.

It seems to me as though I was being obedient to His plans for my life and His will for my time during my “fiction writing sabbatical” and even when I feared I would lose all the spunk for the story and all the flavor of my characters He was faithful to nourish that in me without me even realizing it at the time. I will continue to search for that still small voice because when I listen to it, God makes big things happen!


I will keep you all up to date on the progress towards publishing #DazzlingFiction #CailinsStory and I am looking for a few lucky volunteers to participate in a pre-publication revision read, hopefully, to be completed before the end of May! So let me know in the comments if you want to be considered! I will be taking the next step to this process once my Kickstarter campaign is approved and ready to launch. I am in the waiting stage for campaign approval right now but hope to launch the Choosing Love: Cailin’s Story Campaign very soon! You will be able to visit my campaign page HERE to view, share and pledge backing support.

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I was once told Busy is an acronym for
…and ever since then I have tried to keep that stored in the front of my brain so that whenever I start to feel overwhelmed by the “busy” in life I am triggered to take a step back & be in the moment. Your time here is limited, Choose wisely how to spend it. #YouOnlyGetOneLife I have seen too many lives cut too terribly short. Don’t let your life be wasted. Live the fruits of the Spirit. Choose your Hope’s intentionally. Chase your dreams too, because you can catch them! I hope you all feel compelled to chase your dreams like I am with my Dazzling Fiction Journey!

Dazzling Sneak Peek!

With this sentiment, I am giving the first insight & hints in my novel(s). This life lesson inspired the Title series for my #DazzlingFiction novel series.

My first published book will be book # 1 of a series that will take the series title,

The Dreamcatchers’ Chronicles

and the first installment of this series will be titled:

Choosing Love: Cailin’s Story

#BusyIsAChoice #StressIsAChoice #JoyIsAChoice #ChooseWisely#TheDazzlingDomesticDreamer #DazzlingMemories #DazzlingMoments#LoveIsAChoice #ChooseLove
#Dreamcatchers #CranberryIsAFruit #FruitsOfTheSpirit



Dazzling Opportunities
*** I will also be looking for reader involvement as I style my cover art, finalize titles and fine-tune editing. Along with a few eager local talents in event coordinating, social media management and volunteer opportunities for those looking to explore new knowledge and opportunities through potential intern style positions in the months ahead. As my need for assistance and personal investment of this project continues to grow so will my need to develop a team of Dazzling Dreamers who want to learn through experience.***
(p.s. do I know any GREAT editors? I love to flood pages with my thoughts and stories but editing is not my strongest skill in writing 🤣 Express any interest in joining my Dazzling Tribe of Dreamers in the comments below  or by private messaging me through any of my Dazzling Social Media Accounts.)

You can also visit the “Join my Dazzling Tribe” page to find out more about our Dazzling Opportunities and upcoming projects! Be sure you are checking back here regularly for updates and chances to share your opinions!


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