BEING the hands & feet of Jesus SPEAKS louder than words


I have a servant’s heart, raised by a father who devoted 27 years of his life and career to service as a Fire Fighter & Paramedic and a mother that was raised in a large family, taught to serve other’s first and is a model example of putting other people’s needs high in your own priority list (not to a point of abuse or manipulation of course) so the fact that I have a servant’s heart should be of no surprise to anyone who knows them. Having a servant’s heart means that I am always trying to serve others, as my faith expects and my heart enjoys. Serving others in any capacity I can, utilizing my talents, passions and wide span of people I know. I am always raising $ for something, selling things for some fundraiser, organizing a new fundraiser or collecting donations in addition to clocking many of hours of time served and sometimes at the trade off of family time. Whenever possible though we get my kiddos involved!

Now I don’t include this to get some kind of recognition. I don’t really want any recognition at all because I do the things I do to help others and for no gain of my own except feeling good about a positive impact made. I do include this however as a “Preface” of sorts. Call it a General Announcement that if you are that kind of person you can be sure to check this page out frequently because I will use this page to highlight whatever mission or effort I am currently working on/towards in an effort to stir up excitement, support and or motivation for and from others.

***So with that all that said I am looking for my newest fundraiser!

A few years ago I coordinated a fundraiser to provide a stuffed thermal breakfast tote for families to benefit our local Ronald McDonald House. If you aren’t familiar with Ronald McDonald House or the services they offer look for the Ronald McDonald House near you by following the link. Basically they are a non profit foundation that provides temporary housing nationwide where families can stay when their children are frequently undergoing doctors appointments and medical treatments keeping them away from home. I am fortunate to live just a short drive from the location in Cleveland and the Mission, Vision & Core Value Statements below are captured from their website. Thanks to our many world renowned hospitals here in Cleveland our house sees MANY families a year. Their goal is free services and use of facilities allowing families to still be together during what is often already a very difficult time.


Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland, Inc., a nonprofit organization, supports families whose children receive treatment at area medical centers by providing a home-like environment and essential resources and services. We serve more than 100,000 individuals through our 55-room House, Ronald McDonald Family Rooms at four area medical centers, and online resource for Ohio families,


Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland will be recognized for excellence in providing essential services with compassion to diverse families whose children are facing medical challenges.

Core Values

Caring, Inclusiveness, Quality, Innovation, Teamwork, and Trust

The details of that fundraiser involved sponsoring a family for a designated flat rate and I turned that donation into a thermal tote that I stuffed  with snacks, transportable drinks and some book/puzzles for entertainment so that a family staying there had the tools at their disposal to make in some small way their rushed, far from home mornings, feel better, more personal & gives them a way to easily be prepared.

I personally used an amazing monthly special offered by Thirty-One to order the Thermal Totes at a nicely discounted rate and as the consultant I used my commission from the orders to cover the taxes, shipping & stuffing materials! A women’s bible study I was in at that time assisted in the stuffing process & my mother & daughters and I made a day of taking them downtown to the RMDH property to deliver the totes and get a tour of the facility! The totes came out very well and we ended up donating 23 stuffed Thermal Totes and the volunteers and staff when we delivered them were so grateful & happy for the family’s that would receiving them.  I did take pictures at that time of our donation and my proud daughters helping to deliver them but I was not an active blogger at that time so I have yet to track those images down to use in this post.

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