Background & Branding Mission


Here’s a Little Background:

I set out on this blogging journey with no real idea where it would take me, what I could expect from it or even how long it would last. I knew I was supposed to do it though, without a doubt I knew it because God had been impressing on me the desperate need I had at that time in my life for something for me. A hobby, a job, a project that was just for me and (specifically directed by God) something I could do to nurture my writing since I had been kind of hiding from it for a few years. God knows that writing is good for my soul, He knows because He made me that way. He planted the passion for it deep down inside me next to a whole harvest of other things He would grow in me over the years that made up my life. So I obediently and frighteningly started this blog. If you visit “Who is The Dazzling Domestic Dreamer?” Parts 1-3 on this blog, you will learn a little more about me and my specific walk to get to blogging as well as how God planted the title for it inside me also. So there I sat, with a blog and a name and almost no direction.

Over the last few years since I re-launched this blog and renamed it as it sits now, (and will remain) I have come to learn so much more about this blogging journey and how to best navigate my way through this new project. I researched and contemplated different approaches. I tossed around types of content and styles of posts. I have played with branding and marketing ideas to aid in growth when I decide to monetize the site. Aside from all the technical sides of blogging, I have also learned so much more about myself, and more specifically, more about how God has been planting these seeds in me to aide in the creating, designing and running of this blog for far longer than I could have ever imagined. In fact, He has taught me that it’s not just a blog name, rather it is a brand of life that I own daily and must continue to own daily to keep reaching the benchmarkers He has set for my purpose and that if I trust in Him, I won’t just be a dream maker, I will become a dream builder too! How exciting!

With a renewed understanding of why I was supposed to start this blog and acknowledgment of the whisper in my heart, I set forth again after a bumpy start on this journey, and I pressed on. I realized that if the road was ever going to smooth out at all, I needed to tap into my vision of where God could take me through this blog, and what He and I hoped to accomplish with it. So that’s what I did.

My Vision Statement was born:



I had a vision and was focused on God’s purpose for it in my life, and how I could share it with other women and as a Christian woman who believes in the power of God’s Will, I knew that if I committed to this Vision and trusted in God’s direction, faithfully walking in His direction that He could grow my little blog vastly and quickly if He so chose. I set off on a Mission to be prepared in case that’s exactly what happened. Once I began taking steps in obedience I began to see little God Winks, because our God is an encourager if you pay close enough attention, and I knew that this was never meant to be a hobby or even a project. Instead, God had been planting seeds for my own personal legacy. A business, a brand that I could use to support and encourage other women, in the trenches of life, bogged down by stress and hurt and pain and doubt. I could use my writing to reach people if I stopped being too afraid to try. I focused my head, I again listened to that whisper in my heart, and I began to draw out a map for my Mission, and it was then that…

My Mission Statement was born:



Dazzle Where You Are in Your Journey

I am nowhere near where I pictured I would be when I looked past my high school graduation as a child, but I AM right exactly where God wants me. Smack dab in this journey we are on as a family, in this life that He gave me with a partner He chose for me, who cherishes me and the little’s God trusted us with, to raise and mold into capable young women. Though I never pictured this kind of life for myself, I certainly have learned to embrace it, to own it, to LOVE it and to keep trusting my tomorrows in God’s capable hands. Navigating through more than our fair share of hiccups, trials and unexpected tragedies over the years, I have come to appreciate that God wants me to be DAZZLING no matter where I am because wherever I am, He put me there and I owe Him the glory that I am still trucking along with my many, many, MANY blessings here on this Earth.

So as long as there is breath in my lungs and a beating heart in my chest, I will do my best to Dazzle Where I Am and I hope you follow my journey onward in the Vision and Mission God planted in me. I hope and pray for you that you have a firm grasp on your Dazzling Self & Spirit and don’t ever let go, but if you lost that Dazzle somewhere along the journey I would LOVE to help you get your Dazzling back so you can #DazzleWhereYouAre too!!!

As always, thanks for reading!



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