Staying Ahead of the Holiday Mess Making


Keeping house because I can’t pay a housekeeper solutions series…

This series was designed to be an ever-growing blog series meant to tackle solutions to everyday housekeeping challenges in different seasons of life specific to the different seasons in nature. To explore other previous House Keeping Challenges I have tackled simply look under my blog categories for “Keeping house cause I can’t pay a housekeeper!” Now for the House Keeping Challenge, I solved for Autumn 2017…

Challenge: Getting a Cleaning Schedule to stay Ahead of the Holiday Mess Making!

Weather Season: Autumn         Parenting Season: Multi Child/Toddler to School Age

Goal: To create a manageable but still thorough cleaning schedule that allows you to celebrate the season in a clean home but manages to leave more time for memory making as your busy family heads into the hustle & bustle of the Holidays!

Adventure’s & Activities Ideas: Achieving the Goal allows you to have more time freed up in your life allowing you to spend this newly found time with your loved ones around all the activities & sports that back to school has resurrected for the year. Autumn brings with it a crispness in the air and an array of trees changing color under a still bright sunny sky and releasing their leaves in the perfect temperature’s to reap great harvests & create lasting memories by taking on adventure’s like apple & pumpkin picking, and wooded hikes. Family football games and big Sunday dinners, movie nights curled up on the couch or with a homemade drive-in movie feel in the backyard complete with bonfires & roasted movie snacks!  Hayrides, Haunted Houses, or fall themed story time at the library for the younger kiddo’s are just some more great ways to spend quality time with your newly freed up time from getting ahead & sticking to a cleaning schedule heading into the beginning of our busiest seasons as women!


With that, I introduce to you the……..



I CAN NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR DESIGNING THIS SCHEDULE. I came across this somewhere online and saved the image to my phone a while back for use at a later date because I felt it was well designed and had hoped to implement it, I did not realize at the time that the original source was not credited in the image so if you know where this came from please let me know so I can properly credit the source.

I plan to begin implementing this basic idea for a cleaning schedule into my weeks and months starting in this upcoming month of October. I do currently do many of the “Daily Chores” to begin with as part of my own (and my children’s chores as discussed in Our New Chore System!) but I will be more disciplined in doing so and will incorporate the “Weekly Chores”, “Monthly Chores” & “Yearly Chore’s”. Feel free to rearrange the days that your chores take place on to fit into the flow of your week reasonably. To do this more easily I have re-imagined the image above and created a Fillable Cleaning Schedule to allow you to rearrange the Weekly & Monthly Chores to work best into your week.

What I like the most about this approach is that it is evenly spreading the work across the entire month with a carefully planned approach that breaks it into manageable tasks that should take only about an hour spent in your home cleaning 6 out of the 7 days of the week. If we are honest with each other, we waste more than an hour a day on social media or in front of the TV or some other time drainer in our life. If we focus roughly one hour or even two a day on a scheduled daily task then it becomes much easier to manage while still getting the tasks accomplished. For me when the tasks are done and I have a schedule or plan in place to ensure other repetitive tasks will get handled then it ultimately makes it easier to justify spending an hour playing dolls on the floor with our daughters or going on a family adventure without guilt creeping into my brain.

We as moms need to find our own balance. We must be present in the lives of our children because they are only little for a blink and we are their only mom, the only one who can mold them with the same kind of unconditional love, compassion, and grace besides Christ. We must take this role as homemaker & mother seriously and that means not taking it TOO seriously and remembering to make time for fun, silliness & adventure while remembering to be present when we do put the housework aside. Being present means being able to push the stressors and the chaos of the world out and managing our responsibilities so they don’t manage us and we can enjoy time at the moment with those we love. I hope this schedule helps you to maximize efficiency while trying to clean & maintain the housekeeping of this upcoming busy season so you can be present with your family in this season of Autumn Splendor!

As always, thanks for reading! I hope this helps you dazzle your way to a dazzling house!


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