12 Weeks Of Virtue Week 5: Patience


Today kicks off week 5 of our 12 Weeks of Virtue Summer Challenge that I am doing with my family this summer. As explained in my introduction to our 12 Weeks of Virtues Summer 2017 Challenge this blog series is based on a 12-week challenge I designed around the book “In This House We Giggle” by Courtney DeFeo that I read this past April. The line up of virtue’s and schedule during which I am completing this challenge with my family is included in PDF form 12 Weeks of Virtue Summer Plan.

Our first virtue was Joy (check that out here at 12 Weeks Of Virtue Week 1: Joy),

Second virtue was Love (check that one out here at 12 Weeks Of Virtue Week 2: Love)

Third virtue was Forgiveness (check that out here at 12 Weeks Of Virtue Week 3: Forgiveness),

Fourth virtue was Faith (check that one out here at 12 Weeks Of Virtue Week 4: Faith).

You and your family can start at any time from the beginning or in any order you choose according to your family’s desire. Our fifth value that is our focus of this week’s devotions is Patience…..



Like so much of this book, In This House We Will Giggle and the other sentiments the author Courtney DeFeo includes, I love the statement above, but I feel an overwhelming panic deep inside over having to teach this virtue to my children because I have VERY POOR PATIENCE!!! Yes, this virtue is something that we need to thrive to teach our children early and well but how do you teach them something you struggle with yourself so terribly. That’s like asking me to teach my children Calculus when I can barely tackle basic math day-to-day.… I know that I have said that I struggle with some of the other virtues in previous weeks, but none compare to my struggle with PATIENCE. I actually stopped praying for patience, because I realized God only put me in more situations to demonstrate patience when I did pray for it! All joking aside though I really do struggle with this virtue more than probably any of the others. So let’s get into it…

What is Patience? 

The Kids Definition of Patience is:

Waiting with a happy heart.

Part One: Waiting…

My biggest difficulty when it comes to patience is the WAITING! I have a very hard time waiting. Depending on what I am waiting on, sadly affects the happy heart part, but I am working on that actively in my faith walk and I am passionate about figuring out how to instill that virtue in my children. As a child I remember my mother telling me regularly, “Patience is a virtue, be patient” but despite my mother’s frequent prompts and virtually seamless demonstration of patience, it is the one area of my faith walk that really challenges me.

Part Two: With a Happy Heart…

This, as I mentioned earlier, for me is based on circumstance more often than not. I am humbled by this virtue knowing that my trust in the Lord and His promises should make the happy heart part easier. Sadly I fall into flesh desires more often than I am proud to say when it comes to waiting with a happy heart. I like to be in control, I like to know the plan, the steps & the process and when I don’t I all too easily become unhinged. I will keep working on this personal flaw. I am thankful for God’s grace every day and every time I fail in this area.

This chapter in the book is incredible for not just explaining patience and what it means to have patience, but it also gives you some tools to be intentional daily when trying to create an environment that encourages our kiddos to demonstrate patience. Once again there are some great “Catch Phrases” for talking TO your children about patience as well. This chapter also reminds us why Patience is so important in the first place….

If we trust in the Lord, we need to trust in His timing. If we can teach our kids to trust in God’s timing with the little things in their days then we will enable them early to trust in God’s timing in the much bigger things later in life. My first years of adult decisions were not always made patiently waiting in His timing and the lessons I have learned are priceless but the road has been far more of a struggle than God ever intended for me, all because I didn’t embrace Patience and trust in God’s timing. A mistake I pray for my kids to avoid.

It’s because this area in my faith walk is an area that has been the most constant struggle for me in my years of knowing Jesus that I was further confirmed about this journey to giggle more that God wanted for my family this summer and also in this blog series. This blog series is quite literally an act of me following Him and in doing so I must also be disciplined in patience for Him to use this blog how He plans in His time, NOT MY TIMING! This blog is for Him and I will actively work patiently to prevent myself from sabotaging His will for it. Like so many other things in my life, I feel God leading me in a direction and asking me to follow certain steps, except all too often then I lose my patience and hurry ahead ill-prepared or I just throw the towel in altogether impatient for the process. I also tend to not just lose my patience but also my temper and my words unfortunately sometimes. My mission with my blog is an active challenge for my patience. I will keep using it for His will and I must stop questioning His plan for it or His timing for that plan.

This chapter has acted as a very humbling reminder to myself that I MUST be better in this area. I MUST be a better example to my children and it is because I need the visual reminder this week more than absolutely any other week, that I have again included printable decorative PDF. For each virtue, I look for a quote that I have found either in the book “In This House, We Will Giggle” or elsewhere to encourage me each week as well. This weeks quote jumped off the page at me again and will actively convict me through the week as I begin my battle with my patience and inherently my temper also. I will be printing it for my office also so I can reference it easily & of course regularly. Inspirational Quote – Patience

Each week I am going to share with you my “Weekly Outline” for each new Virtue and the PDF’s for the printables that I created and intend to use with my children for this 12 Weeks of Virtue Challenge.

Weekly Outline:

Sunday – Introduce PATIENCE Virtue & the Memory Verse for the week & explain the Weekly Activity (the weekly activity alone is a great reason to order or buy the book). For each chapter, there is a two-page Activity Idea detailed and explained. This weeks activity is Taste the Sweet Rewards of Patience and it may be a perfect opportunity to test my Patience as well, because though this weeks Activity Idea is a fun and very creative way to teach your children (and potential grandchildren and so on and so on) patience I can see it not working out the way at least one of my girls will like so I may have a bonus teaching lesson! Once again I recommend you pick up the book “In This House We Will Giggle” by Courtney DeFeo to get the full two page Family Activity Instructions & explanation! A quick general explanation is that you will be creating a now or later choice option with your children incorporating a smaller immediate treat they know or a mystery treat that is better but not until the next day.

Memory Verse: But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.   Romans 8:28

I have created a PDF that includes a printable Memory Verse that I plan to print and display on my refrigerator door for the week on the top and the Family Discussion Questions for the virtue that you can print for free to use.

Monday – Daily Devotion for the day, read Psalm 27:14; 37:7-9 and introduce Taste the Sweet Rewards of Patience

Tuesday – Daily Devotion for the day, read Proverbs 16:32 and discuss first 5 Family Discussion Questions included in the Memory Verse PDF

Wednesday – Daily Devotion for the day, read Romans 12:12 and partake in a Bring Out the Giggles Idea. The book includes “60 ways to bring out the giggles” and in my 12 Weeks of Virtues Summer Challenge Schedule, I included 12 that I chose for my family. I encourage you to pick up the book at your local Barnes & Noble or pick it up online through Amazon so you can read the whole book and also have the full list of “60 ways to bring out the giggles” to choose what will appeal to your family most!

Thursday – Daily Devotion for the day, read 1Corinthians 13:4-8 and discuss the remaining 5 Family Discussion Questions.

Friday – Daily Devotion for the day, read Ephesians 4:2 and participate in this weeks Encourage Activity, this week’s we will be drawing pictures of patience and giving them to the most patient people we know!

Saturday – Daily Devotion for the day, read The son of laughter in “The Jesus Storybook Bible” as well as participate in a fun Family Activity Day, for this I will be introducing a Family Fun Night while they enjoy the wait a day treat from Tuesday reminding them how they need to practice self-control & patience while they wait for today to come. The anticipation of this Family Fun Night will test their patience well.

Virtue five-Patience Overview of the week

Virtue Five Memory Verse and Discussion Questions-Patience

10 Ways to Break a Bad-Mood Cycle a great tool from the book to reference through all 12 weeks!

Lastly, I also created a FREE printable PDF including the other six Daily Devotional verses included here Devotions Verses-Patience. I encourage you to look up all 6 of the Bible Daily Devotions at the start of each week. You can just look them all up at the start of the week and then cut these cards apart to use each one as a page marker for the verse in the bible so you can be prepared. Even though I provide these each week I still encourage you to pull your bibles out & be in the pages of His word looking them up in the translation most comfortable for you. I bookmark them for quick reference but encourage my 3 oldest girls to take time to look them up in their own bibles. With all 3 of my older girls reading it helps get them familiar with their bibles and gives them ownership over the task.

I hope you choose to join me & my family in this 12 Weeks of Virtue Summer Challenge and if you do decide to, please let me know in the comments! I will be trying to post the remaining Weekly Virtues outline’s in the morning part of the day on Sundays for the next 7 weeks. My week will be busy as my husband and I are preparing to head out-of-town a Family Fourth of July Camping Trip but I do still intend to have a few new pieces to release throughout the week. Life has a way of making certain things and people priorities when you try to live intentionally in God’s will though and that means sometimes my plans for myself change! Have a blessed and Joyful LOVE and GRACE filled week, remember the best way to teach FAITH is to live faithfully and be sure to exercise a little PATIENCE as you head into a busy holiday full of summer fun! Check back tomorrow for an unrelated post about how I plan to keep my kids brains academically fresh during the summer! Go Forth & Dazzle your summer away making memories with your kiddo’s every day!

As always, thanks for reading!


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