Work From Home Women



Going with my goal to blog my way through SUMMER and doing so with new blog theme’s to include regularly, as previously introduced in 12 Weeks of Virtues Summer 2017 ChallengeMission: K.O.B.F. & To Do List Tasks, today I introduce…

Work From Home Women!

I work from home, not only by way of this blog and my writing but also through the small business that I started 6 years ago as a consultant for Thirty-One Gifts. I am passionate about supporting other small businesses and entrepreneurs and I am always looking for a way to replace the “Big Box Shopping” stereotype as often as possible when shopping as the CPO of my family, (Chief Purchasing Officer). Through my years not only in direct sales but also as a mom & CPO of my home, I have known and supported many friends who have chosen to take some control over their lives by taking a chance on themselves and starting their own business, be it in direct sales, small home business in goods or service, or some other way. I look for any opportunity here on this blog or on my Dazzling Domestic Dreamer Facebook Page to shout out to those people I know already or have met recently that offer a good, service or opportunity that I think is awesome or helpful! In an effort to highlight a series of Work From Home Opportunities throughout the summer, I am going to highlight a different friend who is in a work from home position. This is not for me to peddle their goods or services, this series is intended to celebrate woman and share information about opportunities because I know how valuable the right work from home opportunities can be. I receive ZERO compensation from any of these ladies that may be featured.

When Opportunity Knocks…

I know firsthand that when the right opportunity knocks and you are brave enough to answer it can help and change the right person and/or home/family for the best……in ways you never could imagine when you first hear it knocking. I know this because God plopped the perfect work from home opportunity in my lap 6 years ago when I needed it most. Me, not me the mom, not me the wife, not me the parent, not me the employee, just ME, and He took that opportunity and gave me just enough courage to take a leap of faith in myself and my abilities. I was excited, I was empowered and I had a purpose outside of all of those other titles and it felt so good. This blog is not to talk about my work from home story yet though, it will come in a future week, but for now, this blog serves as a…

Call Out!!!!!!

I am blogging my way through summer (and hopefully beyond) with this blog series so I am hoping to blog through 12 different Work From Home Opportunities and I currently only have a few lined up so if you are one of those people who I know who have an awesome work from home opportunity you would like to share, PLEASE comment below & I will get you a questionnaire to submit back to me so I can properly share your opportunity. Tell me why what you do is so amazing and you never know who may be reading it looking for the right opportunity! I know so many that I could fill a year if I reached out to each of them BUT I want to offer great opportunities through people serious about their business and their opportunity so if this is you please let me know! I have openings and I want to fill them with powerful opportunities! You can feel free to print out my Work From Home Women questionnaire and return it to me. If I haven’t already lined up a representative for your opportunity I would be happy to consider including yours!

I am excited to announce that the first Work From Home Opportunity I am going to Highlight is my sweet friend……

Christine Kelley




She has submitted her questionnaire and she has an incredible story that culminates with her Work From Home Opportunity, it is truly an inspiration and I am working hard on her Opportunity Blog to be sure to do it justice. It is coming soon on Wednesday, May 31st so be sure to check back, until then check out what else my blog has to offer for summer! Go forth and have fun!

As always, thanks for reading!


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