Party Planning Pays off in the Moments & in the Memories


I LOVE any reason to party so people who don’t like to party confuse me just a little. I mean I am an introvert with extroverted tendencies so I actually do kind of get it but even though the “act of partying” drains me, I still enjoy it and strongly value the time spent and memories made with those whom I get to party with. Like everything, of course, it must come with a balance, especially for me as an introvert. When it comes to my kids though I go next level, so just know that what I’m about to say next is coming from a loving heart, I promise.

I commonly hear people say, “We don’t spend much on our kids for their birthdays” or “We don’t really do birthday parties” and the one that maybe irks me the most is “Oh we don’t make a big deal out of our kids birthdays EVERY year” and it makes me a little sad inside for those kids, every, single, time. Don’t misinterpret what I am saying, I don’t think these people are bad parents, (and if you fall under this category of parent please don’t take offense, but rather please continue reading to hear my reasoning). I don’t by any means think you have to spend a fortune on your kids for every birthday (or any birthday really) BUT I do strongly believe that you SHOULD make a big deal out of their birthday EVERY SINGLE YEAR! 

Because Next Year is Never Promised…

Why do I think this? I feel like it should be common sense honestly, but any more in the culture we live in and the world around us today we sometimes get so swept up in the mundane day-to-day that we forget, next year IS NOT PROMISED. Excuse me here, but Hell, tomorrow isn’t promised at all so the logic that “We don’t need to make a big deal out of Johnny’s birthday this year because we are so busy and kinda broke and can just make up for it next year….” is completely ignorant to me……… because of this I try to celebrate my children often and I am known to celebrate them BIG sometimes!

I have sadly watched from a distance as a friend has lost their child in a sudden, terrible, horrible, gut-wrenching way (not to imply that, there is a way to lose your child that isn’t these things). Even worse I have done so more than one time over my 15 years as a mother. Every time my tears fall & my heart weeps for that Momma & those families. AND every time I vow to be more in each moment with my children. To celebrate who God has made them to be and to do so everyday while God is blessing me with the time with them here on earth to do so because I never want to wake up one day and feel like I wasted my time with them and if I am taken from them for some reason in God’s plan, I want to leave them with a lifetime of happy, celebratory, fully involved mommy moments to draw from .

Let’s Celebrate Our Kids!

I celebrate them in small ways, in unnoticed ways, in silent ways, and in prayerful ways more often than not. I do however have a BIG personality and a passion for partying & creating memories so I love the opportunity to celebrate my kids in BIG ways too. From the first moment I knew I was blessed with each one of my girls on I have tried to celebrate each stage, each season, each age knowing it will go by in a flash. The pattern remains that I look for all opportunities to celebrate them and it goes without saying, but I celebrate them extra BIG practically every birthday.

I know I have had many a fellow mom  (intentionally or not) that have judged me because I do so. I spend more money on the birthday parties than many moms I am sure (though we are not loaded so I definitely get outspent by plenty of other moms). I DEFINITELY spend more time preparing the details than the average mom but it is an area I am passionate about and consider it a personal hobby too. I have been told more than a few times that I go a little crazy over their birthdays but I do it all in the attempt to celebrate that God blessed me with another year as their mommy here on earth!

Resist Satan’s Desire to have you Compare…

Now the comparisons that I just made are not in any way meant to make any other moms feel guilty or less than. This blog topics purpose is to encourage that we celebrate our journeys and look for opportunities to create memories, big & small. Just because I may spend more money or time in preparation on my child’s party does not make me a better mom. Each family has their own set of circumstances and in my family, for my children, in the ways that we choose to we are capable to do so in the ways we do and so….we do!

It creates an atmosphere of constant celebration and makes my home a factory for memory making! I want to encourage that same model in other people’s homes how, where & when it fits into their life journey. I also aim to make it feel accessible to be replicated in whatever ways you feel challenged to try. I am well aware that as moms we are all just doing the best we can with the mothering and personal skills God gave us and the life journey He placed us in. For every area I may excel in there are easily two more areas that I daily seek strength from God to survive or thrive in. So please resist the urge to compare, instead please reach out to me and let’s open up communication.

I love helping to encourage other moms! I also love hearing kind constructive criticism so feel free to lovingly share any that you may have for me because I believe we can only grow better in Him by reflecting on ourselves and our interactions with others. I digress, let’s jump off that tangent and get back on topic.

Break Free From the Rat Race

When we live in the rat race day-to-day we can easily let our big events and reasons to celebrate get lost in the mix and accidentally become afterthoughts, but this cheapens your memories in my opinion. It minimizes your reasons to celebrate turning them into just another chore instead of maximizing the opportunities to celebrate together. Living in the moment and living in the rat race doesn’t have to be the same thing and I encourage you to prayerfully work towards finding the balance in life to get out of the rat race mentality if that’s where you are. I was trapped in the rat race in my head for a long time and still find myself slipping back to it when I am not mindful, but I find the best first step to getting back out of it is by taking control of my schedule, daily, weekly and even seasonally and by reflecting on & evaluating our priorities as a family regularly.

Time together must always be one of the first priorities as a family, even above higher income potential, hobbies, training and other extracurricular type activities that can quickly complicate the schedule building on the rat race lifestyle. Once you have figured out the balance needed to keep your family from constantly living in that rat race lifestyle it creates more available time and will make those opportunities to celebrate more apparent and even more manageable in your life so you can enjoy them and not be burdened by them!

Planning Pays Off in the Moments & the Memories…

These are what I consider to be my main Tips to Planning  Ahead to Create Lasting Memories.

  • Looking at your schedule and calendar seasonally (or quarterly) in addition to monthly will allow you to begin to prepare in advance and save time & expenses accumulating the elements to/for your events that are coming up in each season. I have a large Dry Erase Calendar that I fill in at the start of the first week of every month with the most current 30 days of our schedule and it gets updated daily when new things need to be added. I keep a command Center pretty religiously as of the last 5 years and it has DRASTICALLY improved our families schedule (and ability to stay out of the rat race) At the bottom of the calendar there is a large notes area and I use that to note upcoming important dates for the next 2 months. This eliminates me being surprised that 3 whole months flew by and suddenly I am two weeks before the birthday and wondering where all my prep time went.
  • Keep a separate notebook on hand for just your “Reasons to Celebrate”. {My mom used to have a birthday card book when I was little where she tracked all the birthdays in each month and could quickly reference them. This is essentially my model for this notebook but with more details, on steroids, if you will.} Most importantly I use this notebook to help me just look at the next 3-4 month overview, not the entire year.  I only include those whose events I am choosing or expected to partake in planning, not every birthday card that I plan to send {though one of these years I am going to type up one Master List of Birthdays for the niece & nephews & such}. Now for most people, this book will just contain parties for the most immediate members of your family. I will throw a party for anybody if asked! Therefore I am typically juggling a few different events of the birthday & non-birthday variety, but again, I digress. Back on point. This notebook will give you one place for the planning thoughts to accumulate helping to keep your brain a little less cluttered and more focused on being in the moment with your kids.
  • Find a solution in your home to accumulate the necessary things for the party without creating excess clutter. If you aren’t careful these celebrations can get to be a thorn in your side at home so be certain to stay ahead of the problem and find a solution that suits your life & home. I purchased Rubbermaid bins with lids in a few sizes to begin to store the accumulated needed items in for each event & out-of-the-way so they can’t be discovered or messed with prior to the party. This also prevents me most of the time from making a purchase ahead and then forgetting where I stashed it or worse completely forgetting I even purchased it. When you have a predetermined storage space for it all until the event that is much harder to do and it can also be extremely helpful to keep these things from cluttering the main areas of the home. These totes get consistently cycled through parties in my home and have a permanent home stacked on a shelf in my office area while in active rotation.
  • Fight the urge to go disposable with your partyware!……….and don’t be afraid to make practical, partyware & service item purchases when needed, just be sure they can be somewhat universally used from one party to another and are of a decent enough quality to last. This will ultimately save you in the long run because you will only need basic paper plates, napkins & plastic silverware to stock up on before parties and the rest of your partyware will not follow those items into the trash to add to our existing overflowing landfills. Items like a set of catering chaffing dishes, cake plates, cupcake stands, beverage dispensers and other food platters may seem pricey at first but when you sale shop, look for coupon opportunities, even Buy Sell Trade groups on Facebook, or sometimes just to bite the bullet and cough it up (eh, sometimes) WILL pay off in the long run. These types of things are worth finding spare pantry space for, or room in the garage for a few extra storage totes to have them on hand to use over and over again because the alternative is a whole lot of extra waste, especially once you realize how fun and worth it that it is to find more reasons to party!
  • Pin with a purpose, this means to search specifically to your theme/event/colors/idea and set a time frame for yourself before you begin. ( check out this tip and more directly related to Pinterest in an upcoming blog about “Putting a Pin in a Pinterest Problem before it Begins”!) Also, limit yourself to only a few ideas, don’t try new food recipes for the very first time the day of the party unless you are somewhat familiar with it already at least a little. Be sure to not take on more than you can handle in your own abilities and time restraints around work and other commitments. Remember it’s always better to perfectly approach and execute a few really cute ideas than to put up a bunch of Pinterest fail type elements at the party.
  • Don’t forget to check My Fool Proof 6 Point Party Planning Steps to help you get the details nailed down for any event type! This is my method every single time…
  • My last and MOST VALUABLE tip is to not bog your own enjoyment of the party with an unrealistic expectation list for yourself. We don’t have to all throw our kids parties like David Tutera would (though I do personally try hard because I LOVE him!) There is absolutely nothing wrong with hiring out some of the work too if it is in your budget and you want something out of your skill or ability, and in so many more cases than you would probably expect it won’t really cost that much more to hire a reasonably priced vendor instead of doing it yourself. I always try to look in my immediate community and in the small or home business department because I love to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit. I recognize my own creative & personal limitations and love to take the opportunities whenever possible to brag on someone else for their God-given skills.

I hope this has made you look at your own opportunities to celebrate those you love a little differently and I pray it has challenged you to make a little more of a priority out of it. We as parents need to really be in these moments with our children and with some simple planning ahead you can create more fun, more memorable and more aesthetically pleasing celebrations for them and their friends than ever before and they WILL remember that more vividly than an overcrowded Saturday afternoon bowling party or cold pizza, chips, and kids running around screaming in your backyard. The details make the event what it is, so stop letting yourself get so swept up in life that those details get overlooked until too late, we never know which birthday we are giving ourselves or our children their last memories on earth…so go forth and plan a celebration! Just find a reason, pull the ones you love around you and set the atmosphere of the party for fun! I have given you the starts to your party planning toolbox! Take it and be in your Moments, creating Memories for eternity!

Thanks for reading!


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