Winnie the Pooh 1st Birthday, the one that started it all…


In March of 2003, I was coming quickly upon completing my first full year as a mother, my oldest daughter was just a few months away from turning one. That meant that as unprepared as I had felt going into motherhood, I had still managed to successfully almost keep this little bundle of love alive for an entire year, 365 whole days!  With some help (who am I kidding, a ton of help!) from my little “village” around me of course and with my Lord Almighty in my corner, I had managed to get to the point where I had to begin planning for my sweet little girl’s first birthday. I was so excited and I wanted to throw her the most awesome birthday because not only did it celebrate that I had kept her alive for 365 days, but she had ultimately kept me alive too. In fact, she was basically my sole purpose for living since the day I found out she was coming.


I had never set up a birthday party before, but a few years back I had assisted my aunt in the planning and organizing of a surprise 25th anniversary party for my parents and I am from a big extended family so every holiday was like a full on event and I had watched my mother plan many family get-togethers, so I felt like I had an understanding of the basic party plan checklist




Food & Drink…



So I started my little checklist for the first children’s birthday party I would throw and it was then a party planning monster was born! It started moderate and somewhere along the line it grew into more, but that you will see along the course of the next 30 days as I blog my way through my 1st 15 years of kids birthday parties! So anyways back to the party at hand.

I chose a theme, Winnie the Pooh, of course, themed after the single cream silky edged Winnie the Pooh baby blanket that my sweet little-bundled newborn had fallen in love with immediately at birth and rarely let go of since. I chose the place, my mom’s back deck,  and the time was going to be a Sunday afternoon in early May. The details came together pretty simply. I was new to party planning so I went super retail with the theme! I had Winnie the Pooh paper plates, luncheon sized and cake sized with matching napkins in both sizes as well. Though not exactly the same pattern that I used, the picture below is similar to the originals from almost 15 years ago.

hbacbl1432631074834I purchased a matching birthday banner to hang on the back of the house, character signs to hang around the deck and back of the house & Mylar balloons to adorn every part of the deck railings. I even painted a 10×13 Winnie the Pooh scene with all his gang of friends there to have signed for her by all her guests. I also used foam paper to create a custom 1st birthday bib for her to wear when she attacked her cake for the very first time, and boy did she! Now this all being said I would love to have pictures of these elements to share, however being that this was prior to digital camera’s storming the market at an affordable price, I only had point and click disposable camera’s at her party and therefore only had prints made. I would gladly scan to upload and share those with you but unfortunately, they were among the photos we lost when our family endured a flood about 5 years ago. Be sure to check out my party planning evolution in future party plan blogs.

Thanks for reading!


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