Snow Camping with Kids


So when it comes to family memories my family loves to make them by way of celebrating birthdays, milestones, holidays and family traditions like they are our very first priority. Whenever possible we make them top priority above work and other “worldly” focuses. I have been blogging this past week about my evolution of party planning through the timeline of my children’s birthdays over the last 15 years. I am taking a brief break from that topic to bring to you our current family adventure! (Don’t worry, I will resume the birthdays on Monday with my first really fun party!)

Today we headed out on what is a new to us family tradition, “Kids Trout Season”. You, see for practically as long as my husband can remember he has been heading up to Tidioute PA to camp on the  Mountains for the beginning of the local Trout Fishing Season. He started going as a child, about 5 years old, and they would camp at his grandparents camp house not far from their families favorite fishing creek. A whole bunch of the cousins & uncles would be there too & they would wake up super early and fish the morning away while Grandma cooked breakfast back at the house. They would commence a long weekend of fishing, food & family.

The tradition fell dormant for a few years after my husband’s grandparents began getting to be of a difficult age to maneuver the weekend and eventually were left with the need to sell the property for their own care. Sadly we were not able to manage to maintain it within the family. After what I assume was a painful break of about 4 years that my husband chose not to attend trout fishing season at all, he finally decided to make his return a number of years ago with a select few guys. Just like that it was an annual tradition, morphed into a guys trip.

It has become a huge success for him & his friends and they always enjoy themselves but he always expressed a sadness that it was not the family event that it was when he was a child. Last year, in my husband’s incredibly thorough preparation and research of the fishing & stocking, reports in that area in the months & weeks leading up to the guys trip, he discovered that PA was beginning a Youth Mentored Fishing Day the week before his annual guys trip. Immediately the wheels began turning in his head and the first annual “Kids Trout Season” was hatched. I was unable to attend last year because our youngest daughter was too young for the incredibly cold and potentially snowy forecast so I stayed home with her. My husband and a good friend of ours took our oldest 3 girls up for a 3 days 2 nights camping/fishing adventure. I will have to do a future blog, featuring my 15-year-old as a guest blogger, about that because they had some great stories and got some awesome pictures.  This year I will be blogging my way through my first ever “Kids Trout Season” so for tonight I will show you pictures of how my husband sets up a camp with my girls while my good friend Timmy & I set up a camp kitchen.
This is our camp from the road…

Above is our camp from behind near the creek that runs next to our favorite spot….

From near the bridge for the road to cross the creek…

…and because we camp I the middle of the Allegheny National Park there aren’t predetermined campsites & bathhouses being in the middle of the forest and mountains out of service we have to be very primitive so we have created a bathroom for my little ladies to have some privacy. Below is our potty corner…

…and this is how two foodies prep for a kitchen camp. Keep in mind the quantities are also in preparation of the guys trip that begins Tuesday so we don’t plan . Consume that much in 3 days! This is to feed a dozen guys for an addition 3-5 days addition fierce my kiddos and I leave Sunday afternoon.

One if the cooking racks set up in our fire pit…

And who says a girl can’t coordinate & still look good while camping! This is my #2 daughter helping prep for the dinner fire. Tomorrow the fishing adventure begins now that we have fishing licenses in hand & a functional camp set up! So I’m gonna post this before we head back up to no reception at camp & I will be posting available again tomorrow with our fishing adventures details!

Thanks for reading!


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