Blues Clue’s 3rd Birthday Party


Who remembers Blue’s Clues? It was a very popular Nick jr. television show that blended live actors with a bunch of animated (and talking) household items and a very friendly little dog named Blue. The premise of the show was that the live character would have a problem that needed solved or fixed and it seemed this sweet Blue Dog was super smart because Blue would leave paw prints on objects in their world as “clue’s” to help his owner figure out his dilemma. The “He” in the show changed over the course of the show being on the air but neither of the guys were meant to be very bright, needing much assistance from the audience to spot the clues and figure out their meaning. He had a little spiral notepad that he would use to draw his clues so in some regard each episode was a mini virtual scavenger hunt with a few little drawing lessons mixed in before you had all the clues and could celebrate solving the problem with a witty little song.

The show no longer airs any new episode’s but you can still find repeats on Nick jr, and you can stream full episodes online HERE! It was a pretty cute show with some catchy tunes that planted themselves in your head & didn’t leave easily. The show aired new episodes from 1998 -2007 and grew to be quite popular at that time…………and my oldest daughter loved her some Blue’s Clues. Being born in the middle of this media trend she quickly fell in love with that sweet little blue dog. She would watch it for hours while she played if I let her and she was always interacting with the show. From the moment she could begin making sounds in return she was trying to help solve the problem, in the middle of playing she would walk up to the TV hurried to point out the paw prints (which signifies a clue!) and once she could hold a crayon she had to have her own “Handy Dandy Notebook” for clue’s! Honestly, I accredit her early talking and problem-solving skills to this show because from the moment she fell in love with it her skills in those departments vastly increased. {I really do advocate finding repeats for your little one to fall in love with if streaming isn’t an available option. You could check some thrift shops too, maybe find a DVD of episode’s to bring out occasionally for rainy day fun!} With her growing love for Blue and the ease of finding the Blue’s Clues party products in every retail store when my daughter was approaching her 3rd birthday, it seemed like a no-brainer to do a Blue’s Clues Birthday Party.

{Now here is where I fess up…………I was not always as creative as I have become when it comes to party planning. I never had a big blow out birthday parties as a child, in fact, due to my location in Northeast Ohio and the timing of my birthday being just before Christmas, a number of my birthdays wound up getting canceled due to weather. Thus I had never thought to insert an extreme amount of creativity into these gatherings. Because of this, I will be including in the breakdown of the details some incredibly cute ideas that I DID NOT THINK OF back then but wish I had!}

Now if you have read either of my first few blogs in this Kid’s Birthday Party Blog Marathon:

Winnie the Pooh 1st Birthday, the one that started it all…


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then the format I will use is familiar to you, if you have not yet read them be sure to use the links above to check them out! Below is my My Fool Proof 6 Point Party Planning Steps to use when outlining and organizing your party goals! Let’s get to the details!


Yes, this was an easy one. Blue would be the color palette and that cute little dog would tie it all together.


Still living in the same quaint 2 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bath apartment that my mother had intended to lease just for herself before my little family crashed it, again my stepdad offered up his home for me to use saving party room rental fees. He was not yet my step dad but as my mom’s significant other of a few years by this point but it made financial sense. (This is a recurring pattern until the Inaugural 5th Birthday Carnival Party we are quickly approaching!)


I once again chose a Saturday afternoon near her birthday since her actual birthday once again fell on a weekday and it fit into the schedule for softball. You see softball was even more encompassing of our life at that point, with my sweet husband and our close friend playing across more than 5 or so different leagues that Spring. Being in a transition point in his life our friend was in need of an easy & encouraging friend support system and a couch to use to crash on the regular and he had become a very big piece of my daughter’s world at the cusp of her 3rd birthday so he absolutely HAD to be in attendance! The party had to work into “Joe Dear’s” schedule. Her favorite pal had to be there.


Due to the space constraints that naturally occur when 4 adults & a 2 1/2-year-old are living in a “quaint” apartment, I didn’t have the space to accommodate crafting sessions. I didn’t have the budget due to our continued financial restraints that had only been complicated by a back injury my husband had endured that had subsequently changed his work capabilities. With these external situations affecting my party budget severely, I went the route that I believed at the time to be the less expensive route.

I made a quick stop at that same favorite discount party supply store and picked up some cute Blue’s Clues themed paper products that didn’t look exactly like the ones pictured below but were close. I also opted to get reusable plastic cups identical to the one below to hold the favors. I picked up some small character cutouts to adorn the walls, a birthday banner, some paper party hats, and a handful of Blue’s Clues themed favor cup fillers including mini “Handy Dandy Notebooks” like the one pictured below, and off I went to the toy store to pick up her present(s). Below the pictures of the traditional retail selections, I included some really cute, easy and affordable alternates if you feel creative.  Also, keep a look out for an upcoming blog that details my Pro’s & Con’s of Store Bought vs. Creatively Led Kid’s Birthdays. If you try any of these ideas I would love to see pictures or hear stories about how they turned out! Please share!



 c473be4d030ef31e71b09545d10cd629 Blues Clues Table house:

A tablescape as I call it is an easy way to transform your party space. Like this Cute & Easy Backdrop & Tabletop Mailbox . Another one of my favorite ways to easily infuse your theme into the atmosphere of your party is by creating simple & inexpensive centerpieces.  You could get some colored popcorn style boxes, some tissue paper, and a few dowel rods to create a cute centerpiece like the one above using a few extra party plates! they can even go home with guests as an additional favor! If you wanted to get really crafty and you can sew, then why not create a Tablecover Play Blue’s House!? It will not only add the perfect touch to the party atmosphere but it will be super fun for your little guests to play together with too! Decorations that double as an activity are always a great idea.

Food & Drink….

I didn’t get terribly creative with the food for this party and looking back through this process, this is the part of my party planning evolution that irritates me the most because it’s my favorite way to incorporate a theme into a party now! Since my same old pizza, veggie try & chips is utterly boring (perhaps practical but boring nonetheless) I will instead fill this section with really cute ideas I was able to find while searching for this blog & I will link you to the original source wherever possible! Enjoy and as always if you replicate something I would love to see it so share your experiences!

blue's clues cupcakes:  Blue's Clues party - the use of dog bowls. Foods like Bow-wow-nies, pupcorn... Cute doggie bags as favors:

 Blues Clues Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 1 of 36 | Catch My Party:  Wayward Girls' Crafts: Blue's Clues Party- contd.:

A bunch of two-tone blue paw print cupcake looks cute and is an easy & delicious way to address your birthday cake. Dog dishes can be purchased brand new (so they are sure to be sanitary) from your favorite dollar store to be used as serving dishes like demonstrated here. Whether you serve bone shaped cookies or finger sandwiches the dishes can be widely used so $1 is most advised, then donate them to a local shelter when the party is through! Ms. Salt & Mr. Pepper are simple easy additions too with a set of shakers from the dollar store, I would use puffy paint though personally over the marker because then they can be peeled off when the party is over and you have a spare set of shakers for entertaining rather than wasting them with permanent marker but still super cute execution on their behalf! Lastly, throw some blue colored punch in a pitcher and go enjoy your party!


So the first activity I would recommend you plan to do would be to plan a Blue’s Clues Scavenger Hunt, I included a “vintage” sample from Nick jr. and a bookmark template that you could print on cardstock ahead of time and cut them out. If you wanted to go the extra mile you could take them to Office Max or another similar store and have them laminated so they will last much longer………………..unless you own a personal use laminating machine. One of these is HIGH on my gift wish list!

Kids can solve Blue's Clues in this scavenger hunt!: Blues Clues Bookmark free printables: Blues Clues Paw -- this will be my tattoo for two reasons. 1 for my dogs who have passed and 2 Sweetpea wore a blue's clues collar for years.:

This is a great resource for Blue’s Clues activity printables, a printable invitation and envelope template and some favor box/pouch templates.

Here are a few coloring pages and one more…

I encourage you to go introduce your toddler, pre k and kindergarten kiddo’s to Blue if they have not already met, and consider using some of these cute ideas for your next Blue’s Clues or puppy themed birthday party!

Thanks for reading!


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