Classic Princess Party for a 2nd Birthday


*Let me preface this post with a little-unsolicited advice about the nature of toddlers and birthdays…

In my opinion, a child’s 2nd Birthday is really more like the “first” birthday for the actual birthday child. At one year old your child can barely speak to you in mumbles most of the time so they aren’t articulating their personal thought on their first birthday celebration, thus it can look like whatever you want it to…… the second birthday party though, that’s a totally different story. At two years old, your child not only knows words to begin communicating their desires but they have preferences to communicate and an urgency to do so. It can be fun to help them discover themselves in this way but difficult to focus them as their plight to define & make known their favorite colors, favorite characters, favorite foods or more commonly, least favorite foods and of course favorite cake flavors overwhelm them!

My most valuable kids birthday party planning advice IMHO is to remember when involving them in the planning and preparation stage, keep it at a minimum. This is beneficial for two reasons,

  • 1st because it will keep the nagging & mind changing to a minimal for you, allowing you to plan & process ideas more smoothly…
  • 2nd because the lack of choices eliminates the potential for them to get overwhelmed by their choices.

{Also worth noting here is that it allows every birthday to have some element of surprise. Though they may have an idea what you have in store you haven’t ruined all the details by over involving them and that just adds to the excitement level of your birthday star.}

Aside from having an opinion for the first time about their birthday two year old’s are consciously aware for the first time that a room full of people came together just to celebrate the fact that they were born. They are the center of attention for those who love them and have gathered to celebrate them and they are aware of it. This is one of the first opportunities for them to see the community of love & support around them. Not only are they aware of this, they are capable of interacting with the guests in a completely different and more engaging way than when they were still one and the guests are likely to include some little playmates as well as the family now which adds to the memory-making potential.

Let’s get down to the business at hand,

A Disney Princess Party!


When my oldest daughter began to approach her second birthday she was fully engulfed in all things Disney Princess, though she enjoyed some of the non princess characters new out at the time like Nemo & Sully & Lilo she really loved the Princesses, particularly Belle & Ariel (which just so happened to be my favorites as a grade school girl when they came out as new releases).

Now, unfortunately, like her 1st birthday from the Winnie the Pooh 1st Birthday, the one that started it all…” post, I do not have an abundance of pictures to include due to our film dependence of the early 2000’s and our family’s flood debacle of 5 1/2 years ago. Contributing to those problems is also the fact that honestly, though I lived this creatively fueled way my whole life,  I was not the most tech savvy back then and am a bit of an introvert.  This meant the idea of putting myself out there to display my ideas and projects wasn’t something I thought to prepare to do ever before, but especially not in that season. I never would have imagined having God lead me to blogging, opening up my life to share it and my ideas for the world to see. The documenting you will see during this Birthday Blog Marathon will be an always evolving process that I have acquired along this party planning journey. They are learned & practiced skills for me, and not ones that I am naturally accustomed to.

{*As content gets to be based on more recent events the links & visuals included will improve also. As soon as we make the digital camera transition around the 5th Birthday Carnival Party  my posts will transform!}

As a BONUS I will be linking some of my favorite go to Princess Party ideas below, ones that I have pinned through the years (post Pinterest Launching) to keep in mind for my next royal birthday gala. With 4 girls I’m bound to have at least one more to plan so you will benefit from my creative overly preparedness! Lucky You!  

As previously blogged about here in My Fool Proof 6 Point Party Planning Steps, I shared some of my go-to pointers for each of the following points so feel free to familiarize yourself with my Basic Formula by following the link above after finishing this party if you so choose to. Back to the princesses…

Let’s break down the details:

Point #1 Theme?

Yes, with “Princess Brain” in full effect in our home and a royal bedroom shaping up with the gift of a new pink & purple Disney Princess bedroom set for Christmas, by the time Mid March hit I knew without a doubt I was planning a Princess party & my two year old was sure to remind me every day, regularly whether I had asked her about it or not. To say she was excited was an understatement.

Point #2 Where.

Again we went with my step dad’s house (still just my mom’s boyfriend at that time but he was frugal enough to see the waste in renting our apartment party room when his house was big enough and he was kind enough to offer again.)  We had moved into an apartment by that juncture in our family journey, an apartment that was my mother’s residence at that season, a quaint little 2 bedroom 1.5 bath apartment. Needless to say, there was no room for any kind of party in our little apartment with all of us living there so again, my stepdad offered up his space to aid my meager budget that year. My second year as a mom had become more challenging as “life” was teaching the little girl in me a thing or two about financial strain……but I digress…the location was set.

Point #3 When..

For this party, we chose a Saturday afternoon. That year her actual birthday fell on a weekday and we wanted to set it for a weekend day when friends & family could make themselves available more easily. Also, Co-ed softball was on Sundays and as I was learning (being a non-athlete entering into my relationship), you didn’t mess with Softball!

Point #4 Decorations…

Village Party Store - APF2426 Now again I chose to go very “retail party store” for her paper products and decorations for this party theme. I purchase some hanging princess decorations pretty similar to the ones pictured with a small pop up cardboard centerpiece from my local Party Supply retailer. Not to be forgotten of course was also a big bundle of latex & helium balloons to fill the corners of the living room and a Happy Birthday banner to adorn the large fireplace mantle in his living room. {BONUS tip: If you don’t have a convenient location to go to you can also visit one of these sites to order your party products and save the trip out. Three of my favorite sites are Oriental Trading CompanyParty City & Wholesale Party Supplies and they all have reasonable prices and a wide variety of themes.}

Point #5 Food & Drink….

As a young mom, new to managing my way in a kitchen and working full time on top of learning how to run a household with little time to experiment in the kitchen I decided to go basic and simple again on the food & Drink for this party. I ordered sheet pizzas from a local pizzeria again and offered up the normal vegetable tray with dip and chips that I placed in a pink Disney Princess plastic bowl that I had splurged on to match the party theme. {BONUS tip: I encourage you to make these types of small and practical splurges occasionally when you see fit for your budget. You will be surprised how some splurge items wind up becoming favorite party tools that you use time and again. We still have that bowl and it is a favorite choice of my kids for when we have popcorn during movie nights.} For beverages, I kept it super simple with pop, water & juice boxes for the kids.

Point #6 Entertainment…..

So a room full of adults making conversation while watching a half dozen toddlers ages 18 months – 4 years old play together under the supervision of one sweet well intended 8-year-old little girl can be pretty entertaining all on its own.  Now if you want to take on the task of trying to organize a game, craft or activity for the kiddo’s at your party, here are a few of my favorite “Maybe Next time” ideas that I have Pinned.

One simple idea is to greet your little guests with an activity upon arrival by setting up a cute “Glam Station” as shown below that is fit for a princess. These types of favors are far more practical than candy & little plastic toys and again it adds to the decor and atmosphere in a better way than a stack of plastic goody bags. Once your little princess and her friends have all arrived and dolled themselves up for a royal celebration you can get right down to one or more of these creative games below. Another cute activity idea if your guests are of an appropriate age is to do a diy princess wand activity. This particular link takes you to a wooden DIY, you could complete any amount of the prep &/or assembly prior to the party & just have them decorate them. For younger children, foam paper & pipe cleaners may be a softer option.

* I can’t take credit for the game ideas or graphics below. From this point on I am providing you only with links & graphics to the original sources for the following ideas (when they could be tracked down). I have not personally executed these ideas but the first time my 4th little girl wants a princess party I am ready and so you can benefit! If you try any of these ideas let me know how it went over!

Cinderella Tea Party: Princess DIY Wand Tutorial:

Princess Party Game Ideas:

Here are a few other ideas for decorations, activities & favors too!

Dollar store plastic tablecloths and a few balloons - awesome party ceiling!: Serenity Now: "If the Shoe Fits..." Cinderella Birthday Party!:

This is such a fun & cute way to transform and indoor space with just some simple Balloon and Dollar Store Plastic table cloths! You could use all one color, your birthday princesses favorite color perhaps to take it from playful to “elegant” too if the birthday girl so desired a more royal feel. Another great decor tip is to use your food to help with the atmosphere. This is a tip I didn’t catch onto really until the Dora the Explorer 4th Birthday party. This Blue Cinderella Cupcake tower with tutu is a perfect example of how your food can be displayed to add to the look of your party with even less effort. I LOVE cupcakes in lieu of a birthday cake especially for littler kids because they are easy to serve, easy to toss when the kid gets bored with it as soon as presents begin to be opened. I may also prefer cupcakes because when there are leftovers I feel less guilty eating a cupcake (or 3) in 4 bites than “A slice of cake”  with a fork!

Now go forth and plan yourself the most royal of all royal celebrations for your little princess. Remember to reasonably take on tasks you feel capable of completing without overstressing after all the whole point is making the memories!

Thanks for reading!

~ Rebecca

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