My Fool Proof 6 Point Party Planning Steps


Let’s get down to my Basic Formula to Party Planning,

my Fool Proof 6 Point Plan!

I will give you a little tip blurb on each of my 6 points below because as I discuss in Party Planning Pays off in the Moments & in the Memories just a little bit of planning in advance can go a long way! This introductory outline to my 6 Point Plan is truly Fool Proof!  Watch for future posts with more to be followed up on highlighting extensively each individual Planning Point with my favorite tips, links & graphics to consider while planning your next kids birthday party. But for now let’s cover the Basics:

Point #1 Theme?

– This should be a yes or no question. Either you like a theme or you don’t, it shouldn’t be complicated, don’t force it and if you do want a theme then the theme should feel obvious and be something you can get excited about planning, that makes the rest much easier!

Point #2 Where.

– This question can only be answered as a result of a complete guest list so get moving on your guest list! Think about your potential venues & any chosen theme when molding the size of your guest list though. You don’t need to take on an enormous task planning for a very large group on the regular, it will make you nuts!

Point #3 When..

– This can be tricky because life can be crazy busy and finding just the right time that works for those most important to attend can seem overwhelming. My best tip is to keep in mind that those who are most important will always do their best to attend and sometimes scheduling conflicts are unavoidable. Try to keep the date as near to the child’s actual birthday as possible because that helps center the excitement to one week! Don’t let those who may complicate the scheduling ruin the mood of the day and you should never sacrifice your preferred date or time to accommodate someone else’s schedule unless entirely necessary because ultimately, in the end, it will almost always wind up in more stress for you and that would be a waste, because your focus and enjoyment is of utmost importance to your little one, the reason we do any of it anyways is to build memories.

Point #4 Decorations…

– Consider your skill level as to not overwhelm yourself in tasks but don’t be afraid to take affordably priced chances to create special keepsake items that can double as decorations because you just may surprise yourself. Some of my favorite things created for my kids have come through the years as a result of me stretching my skill set beyond my comfort zone! Not to mention the look on their face when they see the time you put into their special day and how they cherish the keepsake is really priceless…….BUT DO NOT OVERWHELM YOURSELF in too many projects or projects too far outside your skills and always be conscious of expense because in some of these cases you may not love the result if you are experimenting so you don’t want to regret the expense.

Point #5 Food & Drink….

– This is another Planning Point where you need to consider your skill level. Again don’t overwhelm yourself in labor-intensive or large bulk quantities of food, try to keep it simple and as much as you can prep ahead of time, hours or days, the better! Your kiddo wants you in the room during the party not hiding in the kitchen prepping a feast, this is about the memories!

Point #6 Entertainment…..

– This is where you decide on games, an activity, craft or outing as part of the party. The degree of entertainment and expense you are willing to spend on this will largely depend on the age of kids & size of guest list but ultimately casual visiting and playtime are just as great and in some ways better than an adventure, group outing or craft. Just evaluate your guest list as you brainstorm this Planning Point

Now that you have my basic starter steps & tips to begin planning your child’s next Birthday Bash head over to Pinterest to get some inspiration! Don’t compare yourself, don’t get over ambitious and most importantly don’t get sucked in……..SET A TIMER! Limit the number of pins for each party you are planning and look for great local resources that can save you some time, you don’t have to do it all yourself! You can enlist willing help. Now get planning!

Thanks for reading!

~ Rebecca

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